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"You are one of the most attentive and diligent brokers I have ever met."

Sari Samarah (Kinton Ramen)

"Pit bull with a brain"

Steve Hoffman (Hoffman Investment Partners)

White Walls


"KRAVET SELLS AIR" - 2022 Fred Klashman

EXPO- Jeff Kravet closes for the first time in Stamford the sale of air rights.

"Real Esate Perspective"-Jeff Kravet 2020

Does amazon really deserve all the crdit for Long Island Cit's Reb

Restaurant Leasing Post COVID - Jeff Kravet 2020

How to restructure your restaurant lease in the post pandemic enviroment

Vacant Retail Space Soluciton: From Pop- Ups to Penalizing Landlords- Jeff Kravet 2019

strategies for bringing back America's "Main Street"

Is Location Overhyped? - Jeff Kravet 2017

Why? For starters, landlords tend to be more open to negotiating lease terms if they don’t think they have the best location in the market, shopping center or trade area.

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